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We pay 40% of each initial investment that you bring under your referral link. Bring us a “whale” and you can retire early.

* NOTE: You are not allowed to use your referral link for your own deposits. We don’t hold your commissions, you get paid immediately to your Bitcoin address after a deposit has been made under your referral link.

Due to security reasons, we don’t have a panel where you can log in to see your referral stats. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying secure when it comes to cryptocurrency.

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DOUBLEINV is a simple, professional, trusted and the best Bitcoin doubler website. You don’t need to sign up to use it, you just enter your wallet address, make a deposit and in 1 hour, you will receive a doubled amount of Bitcoins to your wallet.

Doubling your bitcoin has never been easier than right now. By investing in our company anyone can double their balance with relative ease. All it takes is one bitcoin transaction and 1 hour of patience to see your profits returned to you automatically.

Things don’t get much easier than that, as DOUBLEINV is all about generating passive income for every investor. Anyone who has ever wanted to make money with bitcoin should take advantage of this golden opportunity. 

Our Rules And Limitations

In a view to maintain a same investment society, we have limited all investments to 24hours per IP. Which means, you can only invest once in every 24 hours. You will get double of your investment within 1-3 hours, but you can not place another investment till the next 24hours.

With this, we are able to fight greed and unreasonably recurrent investments which might put heavy loads on our server.

Do not be greedy and attempt to beat the system by changing and using multiple IPs to create multiple investments daily. Our system is smart enough to recognize this and we reserve the rights to block all IPs related to the source.


DOUBLE INVESTMENT INC is a registered legal international investment company. Established in 2015 first as a cloud mining provider, DOUBLE INVESTMENT has become a functional bitcoin investment company, trusted by over half million users.

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